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Unmatched Workmanship for Any Style

Quality workmanship sets Ventura Upholstery from others. We take great steps in providing the best fabrics from world-class mills and suppliers. Our upholstery fabrics and trims are made from high-grade materials, offering superior durability over other accessories and products you’ll find elsewhere. With our high-grade designer fabrics, you don’t need to worry about your furniture looking old and worn-out.

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Thousands of Designs for Your Interiors

We offer over 100,000 designer fabrics and trims for your drapes and furnishings. Whether you want a classic touch to your space or something modern for your interiors, our impressive selection will create the perfect style and feel for your home. Simply tell us the design you want for your furniture, and our experts will provide the best options for your budget and preferences.

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Conejo Valley Upholstery

Give your old furniture a new look with high-quality upholstery from Ventura Upholstery. Featuring an extensive selection of custom-designed fabrics, we bring beauty and style into your home. Made to match any design, our upholstery will give your space a personal touch.

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Conejo Valley Drapery

Drapes give a touch of elegance to your interiors and accentuate your windows to create a unique design. Ventura Upholstery offers a wide selection of premium drapes to give life to your space. Featuring the best products from world-class suppliers, we bring beauty and style into homes at affordable rates.

There are many reasons people come to Ventura Upholstery when it comes to quality drapery in Conejo Valley:

Versatility – Finding the right drapes for your window is easier and more convenient. We offer products to suit any interior setting, so you don’t have to go from one store to another. Whether you need something traditional for a good old country look or one that can accentuate your modern décor, we provide the best options to suit your preferences.

Unlimited Options – There’s no limit to uniqueness and style with Ventura Upholstery. We have an extensive collection of designer fabrics, fringes, bands, and trims for your window treatments. We also offer drapery accessories, including trims, bands, valances, and many more.

Superior Durability – Our drapes offer long-lasting elegance and beauty than other products you’ll find elsewhere. These are made of high-grade fabric, making them durable and resistant to staining or fading.

Enhanced Visual Appeal – With our wide selection of quality drapes, we provide the perfect finishing touch to your décor. If you want to add a personal touch to your space, our expert designers can customize your drapes with great attention to detail.

Quality Service – High-level workmanship is what we do best. Our designers offer professional measure and installation to make sure your window treatments will fit your overall décor. All these you can enjoy without going over your budget.

We provide free estimates, pick-up, and delivery in Conejo Valley and beyond. Call us if you have any question about our products, or visit our showroom today.

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Camarillo Upholstery

The chair was originally made in Boston around the year 1910. It happily travelled via horse and buggy into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Madison who resided in the small town of Marion, Massachusetts. After being well used and sat upon by Mr. and Mrs. Madison, the chair was then sentimentally passed onto their daughter, Sherrie Madison, who currently resides in Santa Rosa Valley, Camarillo.

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Complimentary Design Services from Experts

Ventura Upholstery offers free estimates for our products. Call our service hotline or visit our showroom for more information.

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Calabasas Drapery

Are you looking to update your master bedroom by creating a soft, smooth, romantic feel? Then consider adding lightweight fabric to your canopy bed and windows. Gentle billowing sheers drape the hard corners of square windows and bed frames by letting the outside light filter through. If you desire complete privacy and room darkening, then simply add a lining to the sheer fabric.

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Professional Services from Our Experts

Ventura Upholstery offers free estimates for upholstery in Agoura Hills and beyond. Call us for more information about our products and services.

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Craftsmanship at Its Best

Ventura Upholstery knows that upholstered furnishings should offer superior durability to provide a long-lasting finish for your interiors. Our products are made from high-grade materials for unmatched durability and lasting beauty. Our craftsmen pay close attention to detail when working on your furniture pieces to provide a stylish yet functional addition to your space. We also take the time to discuss all available options to know exactly what you’re looking for, including sofas, ottomans, loveseats, dining chairs, and wall upholstery.

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Stylish Choices for Your Design Preference

Each style is unique when it comes to our upholstered products. Our selection offers the best choices from top suppliers, providing unmatched design for your interiors. You can choose from designer fabrics and trims to give a new touch to your upholstered finish.

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