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Ventura Upholstery

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Ventura Upholstery

For more than 30 years, Ventura Upholstery has distinguished itself by providing personalized, professional service and hands-on design expertise unmatched in the custom design community.

Who We Are

Ventura Upholstery started with a vision to provide outstanding service to its client in Ventura, California. Established in 1980 and has developed itself into the top class upholstery manufacturer. In this tenure, we have nourished ourselves with the best customer service and uphold us as a trusted partner towards our clients for all type of Upholstery. We have been an innovator, a visionary and a company who committed to listening to our client by adapting to their needs. You are not just buying furniture or taking a service from us. You are taking home a collective experience that can only be gained from listening and selling to customers for last 35 years. We value what inspires you and your family to get a quality product. Ventura Upholstery is not only an Upholstery shop, it’s more than that. Our extended services also include window treatments, hardware, blinds, shades, custom bedding, valances, shutters, accessories, custom made furniture and fabrics.

Best Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the main priority of our company. We listen to our client and understand their requirement carefully. We would like to support our community and its dwellers and be here to help you with the best service in the area. We provide support for both on-site and off-site depending on the client’s recommendation. We don’t even charge for work on your site.

Our Facilities

We have our own workroom and manufacture every product by ourselves. Our skilled and dedicated upholsterer can fit into any environment and able to provide you the best service at our site as well as at your home or shop. We work for both small and large project without compromising the quality of work.

We are a complete one-stop shop for your interior and exterior. You can check it out even you order a dining chair to work on.

Upholstery Fabric

We also are a prominent supplier of all types of domestic and internationally made fabrics for your furniture. We have the largest collection of fabrics in Ventura Upholstery. From the cheapest to exclusive, all types of fabrics are available at our premises. You can choose from thousands of shades and colors to select your dream color. You will get the best quality fabrics at the most competitive price at Upholstery Ventura. Furthermore, most of the fabrics have a lifetime guarantee. So, just fit and forget.

We manufacture all types of window covering at our premises. You can choose from a variety of options from our largest collection. Do you know, you can design your own Roman Shades in Upholstery Ventura? We are only a few of all manufacturers that make all custom drapes. You are welcome to have a free tour at any time at our facility. We will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding your requirement and expectation from us.
It’s not an easy task for any Upholstery provider with perfection for outdoor cushions. We provide you the best materials including UV resistant thread, Outdoor Dry fast foam, plastic tubing for the piping on both sides of the cushion, fiber batting made for outdoors, PVC zippers and notably a solution dyed acrylic fabric.Outdoor Cushions Simi Valley

How can you get guaranteed service at the lowest price?

Ventura Upholstery is the one-stop shop for Upholstery. We have our own workroom, we manufacture and most importantly we don’t need to subcontract anything. All the fitting, fabrication, sewing is done right here in our location. We have the best Upholsterer in the region and they have the dedication and expertise to deliver the best out here in Ventura. We rebuild furniture from the scratch. You can only get Chinese lowest quality furniture out there with the same price. The choice is yours. You can get the cheapest quality at the cheapest price or can get High quality at lowest price.

Benefits of Custom Upholstery at Ventura

You can avail many other added benefits from custom upholstery. We help to make your dream furniture. As we start from the scratch for all furniture, we can add, remove, replace and modify anything you want. The good news is, we don’t charge any extra for this. Usually, Ventura Upholstery totally strips and re-builds your furniture so it’s an easy task for us to change anything as per your requirement.

We believe in the satisfaction of our clients’ need and thus completely honor your thinking of what you want. We request to share your thoughts with us so that we can replicate it to manufacture your dream furniture. We input our best effort to look your furniture good so that you can be proud of it.

We publish that we can upholster everything. We have a huge workroom and every upholsterer is the specialist at their work. From hand sewing to machine sewing, everything is handled with utmost care to give the finest piece of workmanship. We are not only a local upholsterer for your furniture but also an expert in antique furniture restoration, car upholstery, and motor homes. Our extended services also include upholstering your cushions and furniture, window covering, replacing your flooring inside your motor home. As we do both home and cars upholstery, we are in a sole position to provide upholstery and motor home interior at the same time. We have a huge parking lot for parking your motor home, RV, and auto. All the area is under 24-hour surveillance to ensure that all of your valuable assets are duly protected and taken care of.

Restaurant Upholstery at Ventura

You will get the best service to upholstery your restaurant. We carry samples of all types of fabrics and vinyl to fit in your setting and can guarantee the lowest price on all vinyl and fabrics. We will match up with your existing vinyl with our sample for your restaurant. The best thing is, we can even work on your premises when closed or pick up your furniture to our workroom without any extra cost. We can deliver them before you open so that your business will not hamper for this renovation.

How to contact Ventura Upholstery

Reaching us is super easy. Give us a phone call, text or email whatever best suits you. Just send us an email at design@venturaupholstery.com with a picture to provide you an instant quote at free of cost for a sofa, chair, booth or restaurant upholstery. You call also call or text us at (805) 651-3410. Our company trucks can pick up your furniture from your premises and drop back after finished upholstery.

After Sales Service

No matter how small the re-work needed, just let us know and we will fix it at our earliest without any extra cost. We are always here to provide you the best service and believe retaining your reputation. We believe in, IF YOU SHINE, WE SHINE WITH YOU.