Window Coverings Ventura

Window Coverings Ventura

Window Coverings Ventura understands the importance of this and can guide you to complete your interior design perfectly. You will get all kinds of window covering in our premises including shutters, valances, shades, drapery, blinds and outdoor window covering.

A well-groomed home need  a proper combination of all interiors. All of them has an individual role to make it perfect. There is no way; you can neglect any design element. No matter, you have a set of stylish designer sofa, an excellent wall painting but if you don’t have the right window covering; it can ruin the total effort.

We have been helping our customers for last three decades to build their sweet home with proper decoration. Window Coverings Ventura works closely with its client to enhance their home décor. Besides, our services not only secure your privacy but also ensure light control, UV protection, insulation and safety of your family members.

Window Coverings Ventura is proud to offer a broad range of collection to suit your window covering requirement. No matter, what type of window you may have, we got solutions for all of them; to make your home stand out from others. Also, our major window coverings are Drapes, Shades, Shutters, Blinds, and Valances. Lets have a look at the few variation of the window covering that you will get at Window Coverings Ventura; so that you can find out the best one that suits your décor –
Drapery Window Coverings Ventura

Window drapes are usually sewn with heavy fabric touching the floor that provides privacy and block light. It can hang alone or in combination with shades. Sometimes, they are lined and attached by a hook to a drapery rod. This kind of window covering offers a quite fuller, elegant look and requires more space while drawn open. For this reason, it might not be a good choice if your window has limited wall spacing around it. Window Coverings Ventura has the biggest collection of various shades, texture, and color for your drapery. Most importantly, all the fabrics are of high quality and come with a limited guarantee.


Window shades are available in different designs and colors to give you the best look of your home. No matter, what décor style you have, we can help you find the appropriate shades to fit your style. At Window Coverings Ventura, our shades come in the following variations –

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades) can provide the best protection against sun light, sound and insulation against cold or heat. It comes in different color and opacity levels. In addition, they made of a great anti-static fabric which is resistant to dust and stain.

Woven Wood Shades

These types of shades made from rattan, jute grasses, bamboo and other faux woven wood patterns. Window Coverings Ventura sources the best material for you so that you can be proud of your home décor. There are a lot of variations regarding color, texture, and sizes.

Roman Shades

Roman shades give you a combination of elegance and privacy for an extraordinary look. The most common design of roman shades includes looped and overlapping folds by creating a cascading effect. Moreover, it has a classic flat look. All roman shades at Window Coverings Ventura come with a lot of colors, textures, and fabrics. In addition, you can machine wash or iron it if required.

Roller Shades

It is a traditional window covering which comes in different color and fabrics. Roller Shades is very easy to use and can simply operate by hands to adjust light and privacy. Besides, it is the most economical window covering with a minimum maintenance requirement. Window Coverings Ventura has a great collection of Roller shades. Check them out today.

 Window Coverings Ventura

Solar Shades

Solar shades can lighten the sun glare and control heat. At the same time, it let you view the outside. Besides, it gives the room a comfortable look. For larger windows with sliders, solar shades are handy to use.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shade is another economical choice usually made from a single layer of folded paper or fabric. It is a right mix of function and fashion. In addition, Pleated Shades has different color and texture. Window Coverings Ventura has got the largest collection of Pleated Shades.


Shutters has crisp, clean lines that can match any décor. A lot of variations are available including – wood, vinyl, plantation and composite. Moreover, they come in different – arched, round and other unique window shapes. Window Coverings Ventura helps customers to get outstanding shutter upholstery service.

Window Valances and Cornices

Window valances and cornices give the interior design a complete look and finishing touch. These are used at the top of the window to give the window a unique look. Furthermore, these are usually short, soft curtains or fabric covered headrails. They are hanged at the top of the window and can give your window covering a whole new look. On the contrary, Cornices are custom build box that works the same as valances. They paint to match the color of shades of blinds. Window Coverings Ventura is capable of designing your valances and cornices that will enhance the look of your décor.


Blinds are the unique combination of style and functionality. You can partially or completely low or raise it to let the light in or block, angel to let in the light to floor or ceiling. To lower and raise, you need to use lift cord or cordless. Window Coverings Ventura provides a full range of blinds made of different materials such as Wood, Faux wood, metal blind, mini blind and vertical blind.

Window Coverings Ventura is the ultimate supplier for window covering in Ventura. We’ve been providing unmatchable customer service for last 36 years. We are the pioneer in this industry in terms of quality service and product.

Ventura Upholstery delivers the highest quality fabric, furniture and all kind of upholstery product and service. Moreover, we’ve gained the trust of our customers in every aspect of the process; from design, plan to delivery. We not only provide the service for home but also for office. Email us your requirement at to get a free estimate. In conclusion, you can call our office at (805) 651-3410 to talk to our support team.

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