Cushion Upholstery Ventura

Cushion Upholstery Ventura

Cushion Upholstery Ventura is the premier cushion upholstery in the Ventura County. All kind of cushion design, manufacture, covers are available at a competitive price. We have been providing custom cushion upholstery for office, home, hospital, restaurants, car, motorhome and others since 1980. As a result, we have gained the trust and faith towards our client.

Outstanding customer service and greatest quality are the main strength of our business. We are committed to giving you the best possible service – not just words, but with visible action. For this reason, Cushion Upholstery Ventura stands out by their products and services.


As the internet business has boomed over time; you can now check the price of every product online. We are making it certain that our quality is the highest and prices are the lowest. Every product we manufacture and upholstery goes under strict quality control. Moreover, we do everything in-house at our large workroom.

Cushion Upholstery Ventura for cushion upholstery has few variations in terms of use. These are –Cushion Upholstery Ventura

  • Custom Cushions
  • Down and Feather Cushions
  • Envelope Cushions
  • Foam Cushions
  • Outdoor Cushions
  • Custom Mattresses


Custom Cushions


Our custom cushions are made to craft your specification. A wide range of variations is available to meet your requirement. All cushions are made of durable, high-density foams or memory foam and wrapped in cotton, down or Dacron envelope. In addition, for antique furniture you can choose Marlex spring units.

Check out custom cushion variations at Cushion Upholstery Ventura. We have hundreds of variations regarding color, material and structure as well. Besides, our skilled and dedicated salesperson can guide you to choose the best cushions as per your requirement.

Down and Feather Cushions


These kind of cushions are a mix of down and feather. Deluxe topping makes it a comfortable and plumping cushion. All layers are concealed and sewn in baffles maintain the integrity of the cushion. Moreover, you can add spring, extra filling of your choice to make your unique custom down and feather cushion.


If you are confuse using the right materials on your own, take free consultancy from our experts at Cushion Upholstery Ventura. They will listen to your requirement and suggest you the best solutions within your budget. We can assure that you will get the highest quality product at the lowest price.

Envelope Cushions

Envelope cushions usually have foam in the center and filled with channeled compartment at the top and bottom. In addition, you can use any filling of your choice. Mostly, envelope cushions are used for any type of seats including sofa, couch, divan, and chairs.

At Cushion Upholstery Ventura, you can get excellent envelope cushions for your seating. Moreover, we ensure that all foaming and materials are of high quality, and you get them at the lowest price. If you have any question regarding our custom envelope cushion, contact our customer service today.

Foam Cushions

Custom foam cushions are the best solution for boat, car, RV seating. Furthermore, you can restore your old sofa or chair and can even cut to resize to fit any seat. Custom foam prices vary in terms of size, dimension, and thickness.

Cushion Upholstery Ventura has the largest collection of all types of foam to comply with your need. Our cut-to-order foam cushions are available in any shape and sizes. Our major foam materials are –


Natural Latex – Gives you a real buoyant support compared to memory cushions. Additionally, it actively reduces pressure points which make it an exceptional choice for cushions. Cushion Upholstery Ventura has a broad range of Natural Latex foam from the different manufacturer so that you can find the best one for you.

Cushion Upholstery VenturaMemory Foam

If you are looking for foam which is not so soft and not so firm, then Memory Foam can satisfy you with its right balance between softness and firmness. Furthermore, it responds to our body temperature and pressure. It gives a proper comfort to the curves of the body, providing full support without any excessive pressure to any bones or joints. But, you need to keep in mind that you will need to use a firmer base layer for support while you use it for cushions.


You can find a broad range of memory foam collection at Cushion Upholstery Ventura. We can assure that you will get the best quality product at the lowest price. Because of the natural tendencies of memory foam, it must be used in conjunction with a firmer base layer for support when used in custom cushions.

Polyurethane Foam

Because of its comfort and lifespan, it’s a great choice for everyday used seat such as a car, RV, boat, benches. Besides, Polyurethane foam is available in different qualities and firmness.

Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor furniture cushion upholstery is very crucial and tricky from all furniture upholstery. Cushion Upholstery Ventura knows the every ins and out of outdoor cushioning. Most importantly, we use the best materials which include plastic tubing for the piping on both sides of the cushion, and fiber batting made for outdoors, UV resistant thread, Outdoor Dryfast foam, PVC zippers and most importantly solution dyed acrylic fabric. Besides, we use open cell foam which can pass water right through it.

Custom Mattresses


A good mattress helps you to have a good night sleep. You can order any custom size mattress at Cushion Upholstery Ventura. If you have any odd sized bed, sofa or any other furniture which doesn’t match with the regular size, contact us. Moreover, we can build or re-build it as per your requirement. Whether for a boat, amusement vehicle, RV, motor home or an antique bed; we take order for any particular mattress to fit any space impeccably.

We also offer a selection of different materials to suit your comfort and preferences. Most of all, we guarantee your 365 days good night sleep no matter where you are and what size your bed is!


Cushion Upholstery Ventura, a unit of Ventura Upholstery has been providing upholstery, re-upholstery for – Furniture, Drapery, Curtain, Cushion, window, shutter and shades for last 36 years. Please visit our shop today. All product and services come with a guaranteed satisfaction and excellent craftsmanship.


Call our landline (805) 651-3410 to book a free consultancy with our expert today. Moreover, you can email your requirement to get a free quote. Our email is

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