In a truly organized and beautiful home, every interior design element has its role to make it perfect. If you neglect or poorly execute any of this, that might ruin the total vision. Thus, a right combination of all elements is required. You may have a set of stylish designer furniture, an excellent wall covering. But if you don’t have the proper Window Treatment, your interior design will incomplete. Window treatments Ventura help customers to choose from a wide range of window treatment solutions. We work for all types of window covering which include but not limited to valances, shutters, blinds and shades.Window Treatments Ventura

To enhance your home decor, we can customize any hue and texture to decorate your window. Moreover, our window treatment services not only provide privacy but also provide insulation, light control, UV protection, and safety. Window treatments Ventura has been providing stunning customer service for last 36 years. Our major services include – Curtains, Drapes, Valances, Blinds, Shades and Outdoor window treatment as well.

Kids Window Treatments

Safety comes first when it comes to planning Kids Window treatments. Window cords can cause a great hazard to kids as they are playful in nature. It can lead to even strangulation. For this reason, Window treatments Ventura prefers cordless window covering for kids’ room. With lots of variation in colors, prints, stripes and textures; we can transform your child’s room to a dream place. Moreover, the thick, stiff fabric significantly reduces damage from airborne toys or tampering.

Are you trouble to select the right window covering for your Kids? Visit our premises today. Our interior designers at Window treatments Ventura can guide you combine the requirements and safety at the same time. Furthermore, they can visit your home to get an idea about the other interior and suggest the best window covering for your children.

Window Treatments Ventura
Window Treatments Ventura

Living Room Window Treatments

The most significant window covering of a household is – the Living room window covering. Mostly, it is the largest window of a house and dominates the interior a lot. A well-decorated Living room window can transform the whole interior design. For this reason, you need to choose wisely each element and combine them to get the most out of it. Window treatments Ventura has been helping their customers for last three decades by providing world-class workmanship and customer service.

Ventura Upholstery is the leading window treatment service provider in the Ventura County. Large workroom and skilled upholsterer made Window treatments Ventura unbeatable concerning quality service. Furthermore, a great collection and varieties of fabrics, drapes, valances, blinds, and shades are available at a competitive price.

Are you still unsure about your living room window treatments? Take a tour at Window treatments Ventura today. Our promising interior designers and salespersons will guide to turn your living room into a stylish and restful place by proper window treatment.

Dining Room Window Treatments

Whereas a great accessory can alter an outfit, window treatments can also intensely change the look of a dining room. The dining room is the place to enjoy the meal with your family, host a guest and entertainment.

Selecting the right window covering according to your interior is crucial. The choice can vary as per your taste. Creative interior designers at Window treatments Ventura will walk you through to choose the best solution for you.

Every dining room is different in terms of dimension, lighting effect and position. Whether, the window covering is a traditional or modern one or even a combination of these two. For these reasons, you might get lost choosing the right one for you from hundreds of options.

Experts in Ventura Upholstery will listen to your requirement and work closely with you. As a result, you will get a unique design from Window treatments Ventura which reflects your personality, privacy and a great look as well.

Bath Window Treatments

Window Treatments Ventura
Window Treatments Ventura

Combining privacy and light control are the main challenge for Bath Window Treatment. Natural light is really vital in such a small area which can save energy during day light. At the same time, these windows need some serious cover-up to preserve your privacy. Window treatments Ventura ensure that you get the best solution for your bathroom window at a competitive price. Let’s discuss few options that are most popular and we usually suggest our clients regularly at Window treatments Ventura –

  1. Using wooden blind can come in handy. They let the light in, come with different decor and most importantly can conceal the view from outside.
  2. Interior shutters are another option. The best way is, using shutter on the bottom half or two third of the window to preserve the privacy. On the other hand, keep the rest open to let the light in.
  3. Roman shades are another great choice for bathroom. Since they are operational, practical and look elegant that can create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Furthermore, they allow controlling natural light, helping absorb sound and add an extra layer of softness to the room.

Window treatments Ventura

has a lot of other solutions considering your requirement and taste. Please come to our shop today and book your free consultation with our interior designer. They will help you design your bathroom with proper window treatments.
Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen is the place where the maximum homeowners spend most of their time. Whenever you need privacy, light control or enhance the look of your kitchen, a good window treatment is come in handy. Woven wood shades, valance, roman shade or combination of these can a best fit for your requirement.

Window treatments Ventura has been providing customized kitchen window treatments since 1980. Contact our shop today and make your kitchen window shine for you.

Bedroom window Treatments

Whether looking for romantic atmosphere, covering to control sunlight or window treatments to keep privacy, you need to dress up bedroom windows perfectly. For example, you can use silk drapes to get a romantic, soft and elegant look.

A lot of options are available at our shops. You can come and talk to our interior designers to mix up with your taste and budget. Window treatments Ventura has been providing outstanding product and services to the local community for years by grooming up their clients to get best design.
Ventura Upholstery is the premium provider for all kind of window treatments for your home and office. Call our landline (805) 651-3410 today or email us at to get an instant estimate for your project.

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